What Does Program Include?

“Leave No Trace” program includes important elements that must be met to represent the real meaning of the initiative: 
  • Providing tourists with tourism trips for training them on “Leave No Trace” principles, preservation of natural areas, and leaving no trace so that others may enjoy their nature.
  • Activities that sustain the “environment preservation” concept such as events and contest organized in natural areas, schools, universities, markets, and use of multimedia to disseminate “Leave No Trace” principles. 
  • Meetings and participations to coordinate and support the efforts of public and private partners in the environment preservation, natural park protection, and dissemination and implementation of “Leave No Trace” principles.
  • Advertisement and media campaigns, educational brochures, booklets, articles, lectures, and paintings that help in disseminating “Leave No Trace” principles, developing skills of enjoying the ecological trips, and preservation of natural environments.
  • Developing means to facilitate the program’s communication with the interested people, beneficiaries, and tourists, by means of web pages, databases, and others.  

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