Wildlife in the Northern Borders

Northern Borders desert embraces wolves, jackals, gazelles, hyenas, rabbits, lizards, scorpions, and birds like falcons and bustards, and many other types. 

Harrat Al-Harrah Reserve is a nature protected area located in the west and south of Turaif, and it stretches to Al-Jouf Province. Main guard’s center is located 7 km from the borders of protected area, i.e. at about 40 km. from the main road. It can also be accessed by a paved road.

This Reserve has 15 security guards and 45 additional employees working in 8 centers, of which 6 centers are located in Al-Jouf Province.  

The Reserve covers over 13,775 square kilometers and contains a flat land, undulating terrain, and some exposed rocky areas where vegetation grows and basaltic rock with barren surfaces (which are the remnants of lava streams).

After a heavy rain, this Reserve and other desert areas in the region become green and attractive because of the growth of grasses and wild flowers and other plants. Harrat Al-Harrah Reserve is a home to a wide range of wildlife such as, wolves, jackals, hyenas, rabbits, lizards, bustards, and other birds.

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