Ceramics of Al-Qarrah Mountain

Al-Qarrah Mountain is the land of ceramics and pottery dating back to more than 15 thousand years. It is famous for its cold weather and gentle breeze that gives the caves a natural air conditioning.  

Al-Qarrah Mountain, are also known as Al-Shab’an Mountain. It is surrounded by rivers and multitude of palm trees. It has large caves that can have a fixed temperature thought the year since they become cold during summer and warm during winter. This Mountain is situated 13 km to the east of Al-Hafouf. It is named after a famous village in the Eastern Province. 

Here pottery is made from the local clay and calcareous stones. When pottery is molded on wheels or by hand, it is left in the sun to dry. The next day is placed in outdoor Tannour (holes) built of stones and fire made using palm fronds. The pottery molds are put in Tannour into circular fashion and covered with broken pieces of pottery before lighting the fire for it to be baked.

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