Jabal Qara’qir Plateau

It is a marvelous plateau formed of sandstone cut into deep cliffs that suddenly ascend from the sandy coastal plains.  It is bordered eastward by a volcanic sewage. The permanent presence of water here means that it is full of life. 

This plateau is 450-1750 m. high, and it is located at 80 km south of Tabuk. It is a protected area, containing some of the most beautiful sites in the Kingdom. 

Here you will find network of valleys and gorges of brilliant red and yellow sandstone at the bottom of Harrat Al-Raha heights, a splendid site consisting of lava located in the Hasma Plateau. 

The main gorges involve permanent water streams and water basins of importance to the region, where the average rainfall is less than 50 mm.  

Al-Dufli (Nerium oleander) shrubs spread their colors in the spring, and the deep cliffs contain several sweet water springs and streams. Here, you will find many examples of scattered trees and animals that are protected by the rugged nature of the area.​

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