The Tours of the Empty Quarter

Exploring the Empty Quarter requires advance preparations. You have to fist determine whether you want to travel by a 4x4 SUV or on the camel back.  It is obvious that you will go a longer distances using an SUV, but you might be attracted to the historical authenticity if you travel on the camel’s back.

It is always recommended to travel with the help of tourism companies that can provide you with 4x4 SUVs, permits, supplies, and guide books. At the minimum you must have two cars or two camels for the trip. Anything less than this you will put yourself at risk due to the unknown adventure in every sense of the word. 

The Empty Quarter is a natural reserve hence you will need the appropriate permits to travel there. Most areas in the Empty Quarter are protected. You might meet one of the security guards out of the 250 of them working for the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) or one of the Ministry of the Interior’s officers that number about 100 in the desert. As a whole they constitute the Saudi professional team for the protection and fight against crime in the Empty Quarter.​

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