Al-Nufud Al-Kabir Desert

The sand dunes in Al-Nufud Al-Kabir are created by the action and it is present in the northern part of the Kingdom providing a unique experience about the Kingdom and represents a great potential for the establishing distinct sports like the Tet’ees and sand skiing.
Technically, these dunes are categorized based on their shape. The main shapes are: crescents, veins, stars, curves and others.
The crescent dunes are most popular that are native to the desert nature. These are the best one suitable for practicing Tet’ees and sand skiing. They look like rolling sand waves where the most of them are leaning backward, then bend down at the summit to form gradient slops, called “the slope faces”.
The crescent dunes are known as “Al-Burkan”. Such dunes can move to a distance of 100 meters per year due to wind action in the desert.

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