Birdwatching in Al-Ahsa

Al-Ahsa is a favorite break point for generations of travelers and migratory birds who seek to rest under it lush trees. Al-Ahsa Lake, near Al-Hafouf, is the largest concentration of fresh water in the Eastern Province. This lake was formed due to the flood water flowing from Al-Ahsa oasis.  

There is a long narrow river flowing from Al-Hafouf to Abqaiq heading towards to Al-Uqair. From time to time, the river dives into sand dunes for several kilometers before appearing again on the surface. There are several lakes linked to this river, and they vary in size, some up to 250 hectares. 

The countryside next to the river and the lakes is composed of sand dunes, salt marshes, and beautiful sandy areas created by the blowing winds. 

The big lakes constitute splendid areas surrounded by reed fields. Some of these areas are inaccessible natural reserves located in the middle of the salt marshes and sand dunes.  ‘The Bird Life International’ has recognized these lakes as an “Important Birds Reserve”.​

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