Aseer National Park

This Park embraces mountains, deserts and the coastline. It is one of the finest national parks in the world in view of its area and beauty, as well as its importance in the natural balance and archaeological interest.

This park was opened in 1401H (1981 AD) and was unique in the Kingdom. It covers a vast area of land starting from the mountains in the west of Abha, through Tehama plains, until the end of Red Sea beach. 

Aseer National Park includes six recreational areas with a total area is about 2000 hectares. The main entry points are Al-Hadabah, Al-Far’aa, Al-Soudah, Dalqan, the Visitor center, Abha, Prince Sultan Park, and Shifa Al-Masqa Park.

During the winter and spring seasons, its valleys are covered with wild flowers and the fragrance of apricot orchards fill the air. And over the mountains, some wild animals move around like, red foxes, wolves, monkeys, and the endangered Arabian leopards.​

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