Traditional Clothing

The Saudi official clothing for men consists of Shimaq or Ghutra (triangular scarf worn over the head). On the top of the ghutra, a double twisted black cord called Igal to hold the ghutra in place. Men wear full-length, loose garment with long sleeves called Thawb or thobe. Thobe, which is also known as Dishdasha, is an ankle-length Arab garment, usually with long sleeves, similar to a robe. It is commonly worn men in Saudi Arabia and men in the neighboring Arab countries. An izaar is typically donned underneath. Thobe comes in different types and colors. Often, the shoes or sandals are worn on feet. Bisht (cloak) in bright brown or golden color is worn over the thobe on special or official occasions. As for the women, there is no specific clothing around the Kingdom. For women, there are diverse traditional clothes and they are worn to conceal rather than to reveal. The Saudi women wear black cloaks to cover their normal clothes when outside their homes, reflecting the Saudi woman’s identity. Although, the men and women clothes are influenced by modernity and development, they still preserve their ancient Arabian descriptions, mainly in the southern parts of the Kingdom where traditional clothes are still worn.​

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