Desert Spring

Have you ever seen the desert during spring season, especially after the rainy seasons? It is a human experience that will not be repeated again. It is a splendid blend of components of unspoiled nature, when the sand layers are covered with tender herbs and blooms, the air is pure with smell of wild flowers and dew. The weather during the spring in Saudi Arabia is mild, forcing people to practice distinctive and varied activities and hobbies, like, setting up tents, hunting in the desert, Tet’ees (driving over sand dunes), as well as enjoy the atmosphere by organizing safaris fraught with twists and turns to discover the unknown parts in the desert, and staying up late and enjoy the moonlit nights and the smell of burning firewood. There are also periodic festivals inspired by the desert atmosphere and tourism components during the spring, like the camel beauty contests, sale of handicraft products brought from across the desert with the sole aim of developing events and activities based on the ingredients of glorious desert heritage in the Kingdom.​

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