Red Sea coasts:
Red Sea coasts: 
The length of the Saudi coast of the Red Sea is 2400 km starting from the Gulf of Aqaba in the north to Saudi-Yemeni border in the south. The width of the plain varies from one region to another, but it widen as we head south. The maximum breadth is 45 km near Jazan whereas the narrowest is about 20 km at Rabigh. In the far north, the foothills of Madyan Mountain meet with the sea water.
Red Sea coasts are replete with many of the phenomena and marine attractions as follows: 

Coral Reefs

The Red Sea is one of the richest seas of the world for coral reefs, diverse and dense, which confers special beauty on the shores of the Kingdom. There are around (200) types of coral reefs with varieties of  shapes, styles and colors, because of the availability of appropriate conditions for the growth of the coral, because of the availability of appropriate conditions for the growth of the coral, including the breadth of the continental shallow shelf, high water temperature, moderate salinity ratio, serenity, and bright sunlight. 
The coral reefs in Makkah Province are distributed along its coastline stretching from Rabiq until the south of Qunfudah. However, they seem to be more prevalent in some areas than the others. 

Coastal marine landmarks

Red Sea coasts have many surface shapes like bays, coastal lakes, sand dunes that are formed as a result of tide and the sea surface movements - either up or down. These attractive natural phenomena are ideal opportunity for the establishment of tourist resorts and recreational projects. 


Beaches are stretched along the coast. Although there are deposits of gravel and coral broken pieces on the beaches, there are beach stretches, covered with fine sand transported to land by the wind, including the shores of the Haql, Sharmah, Yanbu, Al-Shuaibah, Beesh, and Farasan beaches. Moreover, the areas parallel to the western highlands and the valleys sloping towards the sea can add a spectacular diversity to the natural views and support the tourism projects. The Kingdom is working on changing the beaches into beautiful landscape, as is the case in the Jeddah Corniche, where it was converted into the largest open-air museum in the world, featuring models art designed in the hands of international artists. Also, all squares on the seafront will be merged with the Corniche to increase the garden’s area on the seafront.  

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