The Arabian Gulf Islands

There are 150 islands in the Arabian Gulf constituting (11%) of the total Saudi islands. They are divided into three groups: 

The Northern Group: These islands are concentrated in the north and northwest of Al Jubail city. For example, there are Abu Ali, Al-Batinah, Al-Qarmah, Qannah (Jannah), Al-Maslamiyah, Al-Jareed and Al-Daginah, Karan, and Harqous islands. Harqous Island is one of the most important one since it has many types of sea birds and turtles. 

The Central Group: These are located opposite to Dammam. They include Al-Heeza, Al-Binah Al-Kabirah, and Tarout islands. In Tarout Island many Phoenician, Sassanid, and Islamic antiquities were found as well as pottery shreds, which are displayed in the National Museum. In addition, there is the Tarout castles situated in the center of Tarout Island. 

The Southern Group: These islands lie near the entrance of Khor Al-Adeed, which is located to the north of Ras Abu Qamis. They include Al-Huwaisat, Hathbah, and Sayyad islands. ​

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