Saudi Countryside

Tourists are free to choose the duration of their stay at any of the breathtaking farms that specialize in rural tourism. During their stay, visitors can take part in agricultural chores such as harvesting crops, experiencing the customs of the rural and agricultural community and participating in local folklore. They can also enjoy the opportunity to buy fresh farm produce for a good price, whether be it meat, crops, crafts, souvenirs or items made or picked by the tourists themselves during their stay in the farm.

One of the best offers of rural tourism is its educational activities. Some farms are like mini-zoos and their owners take a special interest in raising animals and rare birds. Visiting families can learn many skills and gain much knowledge during their stay, such as how to grow and care for plants and trees, how to pick and store fruits and crops, how to prepare them for market, as well as taking care of the birds and animals. There are also many leisure activities, such as like trekking, riding bikes, mounting horses and mules, hunting or just relaxing and enjoying the bounty of nature.

Agro-tourism also offers activities outside the farm, like visiting adjacent historical towns and archaeological sites, wandering through seasonal markets, as well as participating in a variety of sports, such as hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, bird hunting, or just plain relaxing and enjoying in the beauty of Mother Nature. ​

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