Tabuk Beaches

The coastal areas of the Tabuk region offer delightful beaches, numerous nearby islands, and picturesque environment of the deep sea where coral reefs and other marine organisms reflect the beauty and excellence of biodiversity. Some of the designated areas here for diving along the coast of Red Sea are from the world’s best. This includes reef sites along the coast of Tabuk, which still preserve their original nature.  One of the popular destinations is Al Hisis, located south of Umluj. 

Notable beaches along the shores of the region include, the Shareeh beach, Sultaniyah beach, Ba’r Almashi beach in Hegl, the Qiyal beaches, Ras Al Sheik Humaid beaches located south of Bid’a, the Sherma, Khiraibah, and Muwalij beaches located north of Duba. Also, the Hiwaz and Huwaiz Gulf beach, Riseefah beach, Antar Gulf beach, Hirab beach, and Wejh beach. In the Umluj region, are located the Hurrah beach, Ras Sha’ban beach, and Hisis beach.

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