• Welcome to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, the center of government and the first destination for business. It is a city where the history of Saudi Arabia and the ancient heritage of Najd unite. Riyadh is famous for its gardens and natural oases that surround it amid the desert, mountains and plains of Tuwaiq.

 Riyadh City

The capital of Saudi Arabia and one of the largest Arab capitals, the headquarter of decision-makers and financial and business centers where the most important international and Arab conferences and exhibitions are held beside major national festivals and events.It offers a unique tourist experience for shopping lovers as well as desert adventures and beautiful gardens and natural reserves. It attracts visitors who want to know more about the history and authentic culture of Saudi Arabia.​

 Attraction sites

 Riyadh and its surroundings


 Short Trips

    Take a tour of the largest and most luxurious streets of Riyadh, where the urban development is mixed with the authentic Najdi architecture. You will see this when you visit the two highest towers in Riyadh...
    Дорогой гость вы можете насладиться природой пустыни особенно, когда погода становится умеренной между весной и осенью в одном из оснащенных кемпингов в диком саду Тумама, находящемся на расстоянии 50 км к востоку от Эр-Рияда.
    Don't miss the chance to enjoy an amazing safari when you visit Riyadh, especially in springtime, autumn and early winter, when the weather becomes temperate. Visitors can enjoy amazing safaris in the unique gardens and deserts of Riyadh, where visitors can try off-roading, motorcycling, and camel and horse riding in Al Thumamah, or enjoy the tranquility of Al Mahalia, Al Kharara, Khuraim, and Al Tenhat gardens.




 Shopping Centers


    • The foods of the desert-dwelling nomads – milk and meat from camel or goat, dates, wheat and rice rice – were staples for townspeople and nomads alike, and are the principle ingredients in traditional Saudi dishes.
    • Folklore demonstrations are put on throughout the country, many of the traditions being handed down the the generations. The Nejd Ardah is perhaps the most famous Saudi folkdance a syncopated sword dance accompanied by call-and-response-verse is performed at all national and celebratory occasisons.
    • Traditional clothing is an attire borne of practicality and modesty. Clothes are characterized by the simplicity of design and worn loose to suit the hot weather A white thawb is the traditional dress for men in summer and mishlah is the traditional dress on celebratory occasions. Black abayas are the traditional dress for women.
      Traditional costume


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