Al Qassim
    • Al-Qassim province is rich in heritage, nature and traditional crafts. Its geographic location has made it a hub of diverse cultures and a variety of festivals.

 Buraidah City

Here is where your adventure begins. Buraidah is a beautiful city and you will be amazed with its diversity, history and culture. While in Buraidah, make sure to visit Hasat Antarah, the date city and the Buraidah Museum to see the marvelous collection of historical artifacts.​

 Atraction Sities

 Buraidah and the surrounding


    • Explore Buraydah, the capital of Al-Qassim, and see its rich agricultural industry and enjoy the produce of its labor such as dates and ...



 Shopping Centers

 The Folklore

    Qassim’s clothing is distinguished for having simple designs that suit the dominant weather in the province. The clothes are loose during summer and made of wool to provide warmth during the cold winter.
    Qassim’s traditional dishes are both delicious and healthy. The three main meals begin with a breakfast consisting of dates, Masabib, bread, yoghurt, and Arabic coffee. During the afternoon, lunch might include Marqouq, Motazeez, Qursan, or Jareesh, which are the best local dishes for being rich in nutrition.
    Traditional arts are passed from one generation to another. These are similar in Al Qassim to those found in the central region. Through these arts, local people expressed joy and happiness, as they are also a means of entertainment.


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