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Administratively, the Kingdom is divided y into 13 regions: Riyadh Region, Makkah Region, Madinah Region, Eastern Region, Asir Region, Baha Region, The Northern Border Region, Al Jouf Region, Qassim Region, Hail Region, Jazan Region, Najran Region and Tabuk Region.​
    • Welcome to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, the center of government and the first destination for business. It is a city where the history of Saudi Arabia and the ancient heritage of Najd unite. Riyadh is famous for its gardens and natural oases that surround it amid the desert, mountains and plains of Tuwaiq.
    • A city that never sleeps, Jeddah is known as the Bride of the Red Sea. Visitors can enjoy its beautiful beaches and traditional markets, characterized by the habits, folklore and traditional dishes of Jeddah's people. Enjoy diving into the Red Sea; unforgettable cruises, exploring archeological sites, culture-rich festivals and modern shopping malls.
    • The Eastern Province is home to most of the oil production of Saudi Arabia. Located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Eastern Province is like a brightly-colored jewel. It boasts beautiful gardens and sandy beaches on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. It is a combination of emerald green seas, beautiful corniches, and green oases in addition to sprawling desert where sights extend for miles to distant horizons.
    • Aseer province is as if sitting over the shoulders of moving clouds like in a fantasy. The diversity of the terrain is reflected in its towering mountains, flat plains, beautiful marine and coastline rich in spectacular scenery in vibrant colors.
    • It is called the City of Roses, as you can smell the fragrance of roses from neighboring orchards. Famous for its salubrious climate, scenic beauty and variety of fruits that attract tourists from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, Taif also has a very old history.
    • Al-Qassim province is rich in heritage, nature and traditional crafts. Its geographic location has made it a hub of diverse cultures and a variety of festivals.
    • 172. Al-Ahsa is an oasis rich with green spaces and water springs. It is the land of generosity, beauty, and good people. It is also the biggest governorate in the Eastern Province and a place of multiple historical civilizations and archeological sites.
    • Al Baha, rich with natural resources and a delightful tourism destination, is known for its cool weather and natural diversity. Its charm lies in the architectural heritage, folk arts, crafts, heritage and buildings.
    • Tabuk region is a major destination for marine tourism with many beaches and coasts. Its amazing desert nature, unique locations, and cultural heritage landmarks provide a mix of adventure and leisure tourism for the visitor.
    • Jazan is called as the nature’s treasure and the Pearl of the South and a place of generosity, kindness, and finest hospitality. It has high mountains with perennial green cover and they also include spectacular waterfalls that create most beautiful lakes which are no less splendorous than the pristine beaches in the islands nearby.
    • Al Madina is the administrative center of the Madina province, as well as the most important Islamic city. A city of peace and tranquility, where many historic and archaeological sites along with several Islamic historic battle sites are found. Madinah is rich in culture, heritage and museums. Vast date plantations and ancient traditional markets (Souks) alongside modern shopping malls and arcades abound here.
    • This jewel of civilizations is highlighted by vibrant tall mountains, where the great diversity of attractions includes religious landmarks and popular markets decorated with a fragrant past and an authentic culture
    • Najran is a seat of history and civilization holding rich and enduring historical diversity. Najran city is the administrative center of the Najran Province, where historical buildings, scenic nature, nature reserves, theme parks, gardens and traditional Souks (market places) create a unique tourism diversity.
    • Al Jouf is the olive oil resort of Saudi Arabia. The atmosphere is usually filled with the sweet aroma of olives. It is the home to a diverse natural environment, and a place of deep cultural heritage and handicrafts. Its strategic location has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Kingdom.
    • The Northern Borders is a land with rich history and endless adventures. It is also known for prominent archaeological and historical sites. Nature reserves and beautiful suburbs fill this region. Northern Borders have been the North Gate of Arabian Peninsula since antiquity; hence hold significant historical and geographical importance to the Kingdom.
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