Northern Border
    • The Northern Borders is a land with rich history and endless adventures. It is also known for prominent archaeological and historical sites. Nature reserves and beautiful suburbs fill this region. Northern Borders have been the North Gate of Arabian Peninsula since antiquity; hence hold significant historical and geographical importance to the Kingdom.

 ArAr City

It is a city with plateaus, valleys and plains, and home to falconry. ArAr is a fertile land for natural vegetation and herbs, which grow wildly in locations such as Awaisi and Bednah Valley, in addition, it is surrounded by hills and mountains like Mount Kathifah.​

 ArAr and the surrounding areas



    Clothing in Northern Borders match with the warm summers and cold winters prevalent in the region. The Almrodn Thob, is a dress which features long sleeves widening at hands and it is worn during ceremonies and while performing dances. The customary Arabic Thob is ankle-length garment decorated with buttons on the chest. Shumagh and Ghutra are sported on the head to prevent from summer heat and winter cold.
    Varied dishes and cuisine are consumed in the Northern Border region. The population of the region depends primarily on local resources and animals for preparing popular dishes, such as milk, ghee, milk and dates which is the main food in the region.
    The Folk songs and dances of Northern Border have painted beautiful imagery of the region. Every occasion has a special song, especially accompanied by melodies of Rababah, which is a single string music instrument, played with a string bow. Ardhah dance plays a major role in energizing any special occasion. Enchanting poems are sung during weddings to welcome the guests.


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