Traditions dress

Clothing in Northern Borders match with the warm summers and cold winters prevalent in the region. The Almrodn Thob, is a dress which features long sleeves widening at hands and it is worn during ceremonies and while performing dances. The customary Arabic Thob is ankle-length garment decorated with buttons on the chest.  Shumagh and Ghutra are sported on the head to prevent from summer heat and winter cold. Farwah is a long leather coat covered with fur, usually worn in winter. Women wear dresses decorated with local embroidery on the chest and sleeves, which is similar to the popular Palestinian dress, Al-Maqdisi, which is a work dress. The Al-Mussrah is a silk dress with reed-design from top to the bottom of the dress worn for special occasions. Moreover, women wear Al Melfeh, which is a headscarf, in addition to a Shyla, a shawl, which is also worn on the head and it is usually black in color.

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