Northern Boarders Region

The Northern Borders is a land with rich history and endless adventures. It is also known for prominent archaeological and historical sites.  Nature reserves and beautiful suburbs fill this region. Northern Borders have been the North Gate of Arabian Peninsula since antiquity; hence hold significant historical and geographical importance to the Kingdom.

Here, you find yourself in the midst of captivating landscape, beautiful gardens, nature parks, and desert sand dunes. You can also experience the thrill of hunting with falcons in the wilds, as it is the natural home for hawks. An adventure you can never forget.

Access to Northern Borders is easy from any part of the Kingdom because it is linked with the rest of the country by a network of modern highways.  It is also strategic on the main routes between Jordan and Syria in the North and the Gulf States in the East. There are three regional airports in in the Northern Borders, ArAr, Rafha and Tarif, with air links to all other regions of the Kingdom.

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