Najran Region
    • Najran is a seat of history and civilization holding rich and enduring historical diversity. Najran city is the administrative center of the Najran Province, where historical buildings, scenic nature, nature reserves, theme parks, gardens and traditional Souks (market places) create a unique tourism diversity.

 City of Najran

Najran city is full of incredible examples of archaeology, history and civilization, providing visitors endless attractions and activities. However, the thrill is not confined to only this. The site of spacious landscape and innumerable sand dune formations in the nearby Rub-el-Khali desert, (Great Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia) is extremely captivating. Nature reserves, parks and entertainment cities will make you forget the time as you move about them. Najran is truly a land of nature, history, heritage and biodiversity!

 Atraction Sities

 Najran and the Surrounding


 Shopping Centers

 The Folklore

    Traditional clothing and toiletries in the community of Najran are distinctly different between men and women. Some of the clothes and accessories worn by men include Muthayal (made of white fabric, its long wide sleeves extending up to mid-calf and, when worn, are tied behind the shoulders to facilitate movement.
    People of Najran delight in preparing traditional dishes that are both interesting and delicious. The food is known for its good taste and healthy components.
    Najran is rich with diverse arts and traditional folklore. People of Najran still practice traditional dances during public events, such as the Eid festivals, weddings, circumcisions and like. Among the most famous and beautiful dances in Najran are, Zerfah, Zamil, and Marafea.


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