Traditional Dress
Traditional clothing and toiletries in the community of Najran are distinctly different between men and women. Some of the clothes and accessories worn by men include Muthayal (made of white fabric, its long wide sleeves extending up to mid-calf and, when worn, are tied behind the shoulders to facilitate movement. Gharow (strands of goat hair worn on the head atop men’s ghutra, which is a piece of fabric used like an igal or turban), shoes, dagger, belt, Tayyar (like a belt but is worn on the shoulder) and gun. Some of the women’s clothes and jewelries are Mukammam (two kinds, black is worn below and white on top of the black), Khergah (placed over a woman’s head with a single strand of hair over it holding an assortment of silver rings dangling over her face), Samt (made of Sheeh), Lazim (a silver piece holding smaller silver pieces. Lazim is worn with necklaces), Jaras (made of silver and worn on the chest), Khuroos, Matal, rings, Hirz (ornamented cylindrical tube with dangling silver chains hung on the neck and draped over the chest) and Dan’a (women attach this to the shawls tied on their heads so that they hang over the ears).

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