Makkah Region
    • The jewel of the civilizations that highlights the vibrant tall mountains, where the great tourism diversity boast with religious landmarks and popular markets decorated with fragrant past, authentic culture, sophisticated variety.

 ​Makkah City

Its mountains represent the spirit of old civilizations that commenced from here. Makkah has varied cultures since it receives millions of visitors of all nationalities every year bringing their own traditions and cultures.

 Atraction Sities

 Makkah and Its Surrounding



 Shopping Centers


    The vest-coat embroidered around the neck and on the pockets is dominant in Makkah. A white dress made of silk with embroidery is worn by people of the middle class. The general public wears Al-Kufia, as a headdress, which is made of cloth and embroidered with intertwined threads.
    The visitors of Makkah can taste three types of foods - the coastal, mountain, and desert foods. Because of the settlement of a number of nationalities in the Kingdom, a number of international dishes have been added to the Makkan cuisine enriching it manifold.
    Beautiful dances and songs are performed in Makkah during the celebrations and events of national and social importance. Al-Mizmar is one of the dances dominating all the cities of Makkah region. It is performed by moving the sticks to the rhythms of drums while alternate dancers to go to the dance floor as the performers change roles between them for dancing.


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