Traditional Dress

The vest-coat embroidered around the neck and on the pockets is dominant in Makkah. A white dress made of silk with embroidery is worn by people of the middle class. The general public wears Al-Kufia, as a headdress, which is made of cloth and embroidered with intertwined threads. People of the middle class and merchants wear Al-Ghabbani uniform. The turban is used as an indication of the social and economic status. For the woman, she wears a vest with its short sleeves and pants indoors. When she wants to go out, she wears pants of colored silk and local reeds, a shambar (a piece of cloth worn over her head), and Talfi’ah made of silk and embroidered in the form of birds. The city woman wears a piece of cloth called Al-Darabzon, over which a cloak of silk is worn.   

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