Traditional Dress

Clothes in Al Jouf match with the warm summers and cold winters of the province. Thobe of men is characterized by long sleeves widening at the hands and cuffs.  It is worn usually during ceremonial folk dances. There is also the Arab Thobe decorated with buttons at the chest. Shamagh and Ghutra (called Kufia by Bedouins) is placed on the head to protect it from summer heat and winter cold. Farwa, an open sleeved knee length leather overcoat lined with animal fur is worn in the winter. Women wear Megata a garment decorated with beautiful embroidery on chest and sleeves, which very much resembles the Palestinian traditional dress. This is considered regular work clothing. Miserah, however, is a silk dress lined with silver and gold threads from top to bottom. Women also wear Mileffah, a headdress and Shayla, a shawl, which is usually black in color.​

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