Jazan Region
    • Jazan is called as the nature’s treasure and the Pearl of the South and a place of generosity, kindness, and finest hospitality. It has high mountains with perennial green cover and they also include spectacular waterfalls that create most beautiful lakes which are no less splendorous than the pristine beaches in the islands nearby.

 Jazan City

The Sea, the islands, the mountain and the plains are the basics of diversity in Jazan. All these provide visitor varied elements of picturesque nature to enjoy with. The adventure in Jazan, the Pearl of the South is irreplaceable, and will remain interesting to the last minute.​

 Attraction Sites

 Jazan and Its Surrounding Areas


 Shopping Center


 The Folklore

    The dominant environment of Jazan Province affects the local dress habit because of the varying temperatures in the seasons throughout the year. Men’s clothes consist of two pieces aprons i.e. Al-Mi’zar and Al-Shameez.
    When talking about popular dishes in Jazan, Jazan province has a rich and diverse heritage that is a direct result of the farming background of the region in the first place. It’s diversity of sources of food comes from the bounties of the coastal stretch of sea fishing , the wild meat products, honey and ghee from the mountains, and the cereals, vegetables, mutton and poultry from the plains.
    Jazan Province’s folk art distinguishes itself from the rest of the provinces in the Kingdom. The most famous dances adopted by the region are, Al-Saif dance, (a sword dance with fast movements to the rhythms of drums), Al-Azawi dance, (which is unique to the young people), in addition to the popular types of singing in the forefront of which comes Al Kasir, a colorful sea lyric, which is performed collectively.


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