Hail International Rally
This is one of the most exciting events you will ever experience, which is full of challenge, suspense and risk. The Hail Rally is an international racing event that features numerous exciting car races and competitions. Among the top events are The Red Bull event, where competitors display their drifting and motor biking skills. “You’re the Fastest” are timed races, as well as the, “Young Champions,” where younger kids enter into competition with electronic racecars. Finally, there are challenging events with remote controlled cars, which are extremely entertaining and adventurous for the young participants and younger competitors. Hail Rally has been held annually since the year 2006. 

Desert Festival
A number of countries that are blessed with desert landscapes participate in this festival. These countries showcase different desert lifestyles and cultures during the festival. The event includes a number of distinguished shows, such as the Desert Festival contest for young people, Best Rababah Player contest, Desert Poetry contest, as well as a number of folklore themes. Women also take part in the festival by displaying local cuisine and traditional handicrafts depicting heritage of Hail. This event also presents numerous presentations of traditional folk arts.

Hail Summer Festival 
This, a-month-long festival is aimed at all the segments of the society, and it features a number of cultural, social, entertainment activities, heritage and sporting events. The festival is held at the Mighwat Banquet Center and Rowshan Exhibition Center​

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