Eastern Region
    • The Eastern Province is home to most of the oil production of Saudi Arabia. Located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Eastern Province is like a brightly-colored jewel. It boasts beautiful gardens and sandy beaches on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. It is a combination of emerald green seas, beautiful corniches, and green oases in addition to sprawling desert where sights extend for miles to distant horizons.

 Dammam City

Dammam is the regional capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.  It is home to a vast sea, beautiful beaches and excellent fishing spots.  It is a favorite destination for tourists from different parts of the Kingdom.  Dammam is considered one of the most ancient inhabited places due to the discovery of many ancient artifacts in the Rakah neighborhood, highlighting that Dammam was a famous dwelling place long ago in the past.​

 Attraction Sites

 Damman and its Surroundings



    • Founded in 1990 in Al Khobar, Desert Designs showcases nomadic tribal arts from the desert, preserves Islamic heritage and designs, and hosts numerous art exhibitions, providing a platform for local artists.
    • A gallery that works to support and develop art innovation in the Eastern Province. It hosts art exhibitions and organizes art training courses.


 Shopping Centers

    Offering shoppers a wide variety of global brands in addition to an amusement park, food court, and a hyper market (Carrefour). It’s located in the west of Khobar city center and is often the first choice for many global luxury brands seeking a presence in the Saudi market for the first time.
    Al Otham Mall is one of the most prominent shopping and family entertainment places in Dammam. It is the largest high-end mall and is distinguished for its exterior design in the shape of a large boat. It has a large amusement city. On Mondays, children and adults are allowed to play for SR 35 for the entire day and a free meal.
    Shiraa Mall is located in the heart of Dammam. “Al-Shiraa City Center” is a stream-lined location built to welcome visitors who are looking for shopping and entertainment time. The complex is designed in a modern style that combines elegance and ease of movement within the Mall.
    It contains all the global brands, in addition to an entrainment arcade and a food court. It also houses a hypermarket. It is located on Al-Khaleej Road that stretches towards Sihat and Qatif...
    As one of the most popular shopping spots in Al Jubail city, in the Eastern Province, it lies on the shore of the Arab Gulf. It’s a popular mall for shoppers thanks to its global brands, food court, and amusement park for kids, all of which create an amazing family-friendly atmosphere.
    It’s one of the more well-known malls in Al Khobar city. Covering two floors it has several clothing, wedding dress and shoe stores alongside a dedicated area for families with restaurants and a games area.
    As the most prominent shopping mall in Dammam city, Ibn Khaldun Mall is filled with international and local brands, a food court, playground for kids and coffee shops.
    Marina Mall is one of the most prominent malls in Dammam City. It is characterized by its diverse shops that sell local products and global brands. In addition to a large group of restaurants offering oriental dishes, there are a variety of games areas for children. The mall offers amusement parks and picturesque views of the sea so, when the shopping is done you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sights.
    It is one of the most prominent shopping malls in the Eastern Province, particularly in Dhahran city. This large mall includes all the global brands, in addition to an amusement park, two food courts and an ice rink. It is located on Prince Faisal Road, near Al Doha district.
    Qaisariat Al-Rashid is located inside Al Rashid Mall, on the plaza floor. It includes many shops that sell furniture, bukhoor, oud, spices, clothing, jewelry, all representing our beautiful past. It also contains a café and a restaurant that serves Saudi and Khaleeji dishes (Gate 4 is the nearest gate).
    Al Jawhara Mall is located at the intersection of King Khalid Street and King Abdullah Road. It includes several tourist and shopping areas, restaurants and cafes and is popular with the locals, and Arab and foreign travelers.
    Al Fawares Mall has 150 shops on the ground floor, 40 shops on the first floor and a food court area that seats up to 900 people, in addition to a cafe area and amusement park.
    It is one of the most prominent shopping malls in the Eastern Province. It is strategically located near the beach and offers a popular shopping and entertainment experience. It includes all the global brands, in addition to an amusement park, food court, ice rink, and a hyper market (Carrefour). It is located on Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Road in front of the Sheraton.
    It is one of the best malls in Al Khobar and is mostly dedicated to women's needs from soiree dresses, to jewelry and perfumes. It also contains other shops, and family entertainment centers, in addition to many traditional and international restaurants. The mall is located on King Abdullah Road in Al Khobar entrance, near Al Rashid Mall.


    Locals of the Eastern Province boast the most beautiful forms of dresses, which reflect the prestige and elegance of the region. Men’s dress consists of loose garments that cover the body up to the lower leg. Dangling at the neck of the thobe dress is a tuft of threads called “krkoshah.” In addition, men wear a head cloth called the “ghutra” or “shimmag,” which has white or striped triangles. On the top of “ghutra,” a black rope-like doubled cord called the “igal” is worn in order to hold the “ghutra” in place. During winter, a cloak made of sheepskin or wool is worn over the thobe. As for women, they wear a full-length loose gown embroidered with silk and gold. The headscarf is made of black cloth decorated with golden threads with an opening for the face in the front, while the rest of the headdress lays loose on the shoulders and back.
    Given the location of the Eastern Province in the Gulf, and the nature of the work its people do, like diving and fishing, the folklore of the region resembles the maritime folk art of the Arabian Gulf countries, like Kuwait and Bahrain. This type of art is characterized by a number of folk dances and songs with some variation in the number of drums and their beats.


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