Traditional Clothing

Locals of the Eastern region boast of the most beautiful forms of dresses, which reflect prestige and elegance of the region. Men’s dress consists of loose garments that cover the body up to the lower leg. Dangling at the neck of the thobe dress is a tuft of threads called (Krkoshah). In addition, men wear a head cloth called ghutra or shimmag, which has white or striped triangles. On the top of Ghutra, a black rope-like doubled cord called Igal is worn in order to hold the Ghutra in place. During winter, a cloak made of sheepskin or wool is worn over the thobe. As for women, they wear a full-length loose gown embroidered with silk and gold. The headscarf is made of black cloth decorated with golden threads with an opening for the face in front and the rest of the headdress is let loose on the shoulders and back.

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