Discover the charming beaches of Eastern region

On the east coast of Saudi Arabia, you can see hundreds of fishing boats competing for space on the surface of the sea, as marine fishing was the traditional occupation here since the ancient times, which is still practiced by some. The history of diving for pearls in the deep gulf remains fresh in the memory of the region. When a visitor goes to the waterfront areas, he will find people merrymaking and joyful.  Starting with the most famous and popular beach "Half Moon Bay",  the cornice extends from Al Khobar to Dammam, and finally ends at the integrated services waterfront in Ras Tanura and Jubail, where landscaped private sitting places and children's play areas are beautifully crafted and maintained.  Along the corniche, the corridors are equipped for hiking and biking, with resorts and chalets catering to the visitors. These beaches are most visited as family destination by locals and visitors in the region.​

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