Bahah Region
    • Al Baha, rich with natural resources and a delightful tourism destination, is known for its cool weather and natural diversity. Its charm lies in the architectural heritage, folk arts, crafts, heritage and buildings.

 Al Baha City

The beautiful gardens and majestic mountain range of Hijaz will take you by surprise. Al Baha is small in size but impressive in its splendor. It is known for the majestic Sarawat mountain range, which is often enveloped in thick fog during the winter. The temperatures are moderate in the Tuhama plains.​

 Atraction Sities

 Albaha and the surrounding



    • One of the oldest private museums in Al Baha, the museum is located in Al Atawlah village. It contains a collection agricultural tools, rare coins, traditional clothes and handicrafts, weapons and cooking utensils. ​
      Al Shamalani Heritage Museum
    • Visitors can learn about Al Baha heritage at Mohamed bin Musbeh museum, which displays antiquities including coins, jewelry, weapons, old telephones, clothes, agricultural tools, cooking utensils, old doors and hand mills.
      Mohamed Bin Musbeh Museum

 Shopping Center


    Clothing in Al Baha Province is mostly of simple design, made of cotton fabric “Al-Mibram” as it is called by locals. In addition, men wear Thobe (full-length loose garment) when attending the Eid and special occasions. If someone has a particular social status, like a tribe elder, a jurist (Sheikh) or a scholar, he will wear a turban made of wool with bright colors. Most women wear a dress, tight dress above the waist and loose below, sleeves and shoulders of different colors. Such dress usually come in bright colors with black, dominant.
    Al Baha province is characterized by its multiple dishes and distinctive cuisines made from the local components, especially that it is an agricultural area. Al-Aseedah is one of the finest and most famous dishes in the region, and the world. Additionally, the main meal includes Al-Marqouq, Al-Daghabis, and Al-Fattah.
    Al Baha is proud of its folklore, which is inherited since the ancient times. Being an agricultural area, there are legendary songs and melodies that are performed by the peasants when they are doing daily chores and activities, as well as there are large number of dances, like Al-Ardah, which is performed holding swords and daggers pointing upwards, and Al-Mal’abah, with its distinct creative lyrics.


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