It is one of the most famous cuisines of Aseer Province, mainly in Tihama parts. Slaughtered lamb or goat meat is used for this dish after being cut into desired pieces. The meat is injected into a hole, the sides of which are made of stone. Such a hole is called “Al-Muhannath”.  The oven is glowed until it is red-hot. Then the cut meat pieces are introduced into this hole in an organized way. The meat pieces is disconnected from the burning stones by placing a barrier of branches of certain trees that grow in the Tihama parts such as Al-Markh, Al-Sal’a, Al-Sedr or palm, although Al-Markh tree is most favorite. Then, the Al-Muhannath hole is covered with cardboard and empty paper bags. After that, the hole covered with sand so as to prevent the steam from escaping the hole. After about two hours the meat pieces are taken out of the hole, sprinkled with some salt and served.​
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