The Saudi Culture

​​The traditional heritage of Saudi Arabia is varying from handicrafts to costumes to ethnic dishes. Folklore is a key element in the enchanting tourism experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Kingdom has a unique diversity in its traditional heritage, varying from one province to another, each describes the early social life of its locals. If you want to live the experience and truly indulge in it, then you need to visit the various local tourist sites spread all over the Kingdom.​​​​

 The Folklore

​The folklore in Saudi Arabia is based on the theme of unity and groups. It is comprised of enthusiastic songs and games that express Arab customs and traditions. Citizens consider folklore as a source of pride that they inherit from one generation to another.​

    Riyadh and Qassim are famous for having a great deal of folk art, including Al-Ardah, which has been known since ancient times in the region of Najd (central region).
    Riyadh and Qassim Provinces
    The Al-Majrour dance is the most popular folk art made famous by Taif. It is similar in style to the dances performedf in the Al-Hada highlands.
    Makkah and Madinah Provinces
    The southern region, which includes Abha, Khamis, Mushait, Jazan, and Najran, is distinguished for its many traditional dances, such as, Al-Ardah, Al-Mu’ashsha, Lu’bat Al-Saif, and Al-Azawi.
    Aseer, Najran, Jazan, and Baha Provinces
    The Province of the Northern Borders has multiple traditional arts such as Ardah, Al-Samiri, and Al-Dahha. Al-Dahhah is a beautiful dance performed in the form of two opposite rows of men,
    Al-Jouf and Northern Borders Provinces
    It is distinguished for its ancient traditional dances, for example, Dag Al-Hab, Al-Hasad, Al-Liwah, Al-Farisah, and Al-Sawt. Because the Eastern Province overlooks the Arabian Gulf and Al-Ahsa contains large farms of palm trees...
    Eastern Province

 The Traditional Cuisines

​Some types of Saudi foods became dominant all over the provinces despite the different social and economic segments of the Saudi community. There are various cuisines and beverages, including Al-Kabsah, Al-Qursan, Al-Mutazees, Al-Mutabbaq, Al-Ma’soub, Al-Mandi, Al-Arikah, Al-Aseedah, Al-Hanith, and so on.

    It is one of the most famous traditional cuisine and consisting of mainly wheat. It is prepared by expert women only to perfection. This is done by cutting the dough into...
    It is one of the best known dishes in the Makkah region, and as of now, it has become a widespread traditional dish in the province. It consists of small discs of wheat...
    It is a mixture of meat, brown flour and broth. First the brown flour is kneaded into dough then cut into small discs and baked, then smashed in a broth. Then, the meat...
    It is one of the most famous cuisines in the province of Al Baha. It is known in most of the southern regions of the Kingdom and also in many parts of the world. It is...
    (Al-Samh) Cuisines
    The opophytum is one of the desert plants that rely on rain waters. And almost can be seen only in the Northern Borders Province. Its seeds are soaked and ground, and...
    The Arabian horse is famous around the world. It is connected with the history of the Arabian Peninsula. The horse was domesticated before nearly 9000 years by the Bedouin tribes in Najd plateau.
    The Arabian horse
    The types and shapes of clothes and accessories differ from one province to another and from an environment to another inside the same province. Because of the cultural and social harmony among the Kingdom’s provinces,
    Clothing and Accessories
    The customs and traditions in Saudi Arabia are inspired by the Islamic and Arab culture, namely the culture of the Arabs in the Arab Peninsula. However, they differ from one province to another, especially the dialect, housing pattern, clothing, cuisines, dances, and folk songs.
    Customs and Traditions
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has plenty of buildings that reflect the distinctive architectural heritage of the country which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The buildings shapes and construction methods differ from one province to the other.
    The Architectural Style
    Kingdom is home to Arab poetry and poets since ancient times. From the Kingdom’s suburbs and deserts, beautiful poetry was given by the most important poets of the old Arab times. Such poetry takes its place in the history of literary world.
    Poetry and Poets


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