​Folk art gives the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an exquisite distinctiveness that differs from province to province. Such beautiful folk art enriches the Kingdom’s heritage, adding a touch of fun and charm to its solemnity. Saudi Arabian folk art is varied and diverse, and people are encouraged to both view and appreciate it as well as participate in creating it. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of Saudi Arabia is that due to the Kingdom’s important strategic location its ancient history contains many varieties of folklore that have been passed on through the generations. The Kingdom was the scene of many cultures, battles and historic events, and all of these integrated into a variety of folk art. The Kingdom is replete with many types of folk art, which vary according to the geographic diversity of the environment. From the sea to the mountains to the desert, as well as the agricultural plain areas, each resulted in a tremendous amount of folklore that was created in the conditions prevalent in that location and period of time.​

Examples of folk art found in the field of tourism in the Kingdom:​

    • Riyadh and Qassim ProvincesRiyadh and Qassim are famous for having a great deal of folk art, including Al-Ardah, which has been known since ancient times in the region of Najd (central region). More
    • Makkah and Madinah ProvincesThe Al-Majrour dance is the most popular folk art made famous by Taif. It is similar in style to the dances performedf in the Al-Hada highlands. More
    • Aseer, Najran, Jazan, and Baha ProvincesThe southern region, which includes Abha, Khamis, Mushait, Jazan, and Najran, is distinguished for its many traditional dances, such as, Al-Ardah, Al-Mu’ashsha, Lu’bat Al-Saif, and Al-Azawi.More
    • Al-Jouf and Northern Borders ProvincesThe Province of the Northern Borders has multiple traditional arts such as Ardah, Al-Samiri, and Al-Dahha. Al-Dahhah is a beautiful dance performed in the form of two opposite rows of men,More
    • Eastern ProvinceIt is distinguished for its ancient traditional dances, for example, Dag Al-Hab, Al-Hasad, Al-Liwah, Al-Farisah, and Al-Sawt. Because the Eastern Province overlooks the Arabian Gulf and Al-Ahsa contains large farms of palm trees...More


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