Tourist Stories


 Youth from Hail walking the historical Zubaida Trail

We began our journey to discover the Zubaida Trail, the path that connects the Levant and Iraq with the Hejaz and Makkah. We passed 27 way-stations and 27 substations, and all the various landmarks for 200 km, exploring all the ponds, springs and rest houses.

 Al Qatif and the story of the sea

On our trip to Al Qatif, which dates back 7,000 years, we passed by several landmarks, including Al Qatif Corniche, Tarut Castle, Thursday Market, Fish Market, Abu Loza Bath, Darin Museum, Darin Old Airport, Mangrove Forests, Tarut Traditional Café, and Al Faihany Palace. 

 Truffle hunting

We decided to go and look for truffles, which appear about 40 days after rainfall. Heading for Ar'ar, famous for its truffles, some of us prepared camp, while others went to search for truffles. We found truffles, and for two hours collected enough to prepare Truffle Kabsah and enjoy its delicious taste amid the fertile pastures.

 Our trip to Nafud Al Qouz

On an autumn day, we headed to Omloj. When we arrived, we saw white beaches and felt the spirit of the sea and the desert. The smell of the sea prompted us to hire a boat and sail to Jabal Hassan Island,  20 km away. During the trip, we fished and when we arrived, headed to Al Qouz to enjoy the desert landscape.

 Wadi Salboukh

In the spring, we visited Wadi Salboukh, an area  rich in parkland. We climbed the hillsides and watched the golden sun disappearing behind the mountains and enjoyed the night sky soothed by the sound of running water. After an extremely enjoyable time, we packed up our things and promised ourselves to return.

 Al Khobra tour

We packed our bags and headed for Al Khobara Village and walked among 400 clay houses. Then we went to Ibn Maiman Museum, which contains many antiquities and housewares. After that, we headed for Al Majlis Market, which is surrounded by old-fashioned shops, selling goods and handicrafts. At the end of the day on returning to Riyadh, we decided to go to the historical Diriyah and Al Bujairi districts which was a very enjoyable experience.

 Crossing Asir Mountains

From the city of Abha, we started our trip through the mountains. First, we visited the Green Mountain, from which we could see the whole city. After that we visited the heritage castles of Tanouma and stopped at Tharban Palace, Al Nammas Museum and Al Alyan Village. We moved on to Al Baha and visited its wonderful waterfalls. After an hour, we reached Taif, the city of roses, where we had a beautiful time.

 Al Hate'aa Well

In the morning on a dewy autumn day, we headed from Riyadh to Al Ghat and on to our final destination, Al Hate'aa Well in Wadi Marakh. When we reached the ancient well, we discovered Thamudic inscriptions and drawings, which added to the magnificent sight of the sturdy stone-built well. 

 Asir nature

On Al Makhwah Namra Road, in the cool Al Baha hills, our excitement warmed us as we headed towards the beautiful Mahayel Asir Governorate. Upon our arrival, we viewed the Al Haila volcano and the castles and fortresses​. We then went to Al Habala Park, where we enjoyed the natural landscape and ate delicious traditional foods, such as Mahayeli Haneeth, Khameer bread and Mushabak.​

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