Saudi Adventures
    • The unique environment of Saudi Arabia offers you a variety of options to experience an exciting adventure. From deserts to mountains, caves, seas, and islands, there are a wide range of activities to enjoy, especially for sport and adventure enthusiasts.

 Arabian horses and equestrian

Saudi Arabia is the land of equestrianism and the cradle of Arabian horse breeding. Tourists can visit the famous Arabian horse stables, participate at one of many equestrian clubs, watch an exhilarating horse race, or simply ride across the desert.

 Diving under the sand

Saudi Arabia is the ideal place to explore the many caves (duhul) under the desert sands, where you can find old rock paintings and animal remains and enjoy the subterranean streams. The most famous are Duhul Hit midway between Al-Kharj and Riyadh, Abu Jarfan Hdiban and the famous Burmah cave. 

 Desert adventures

For lovers of pristine nature, welcome to the deserts of Saudi Arabia where you can experience unique adventures and experiences, from off-road driving, camping, safaris, and star-gazing in Garamil Al-Ola.


Enjoy watching falcons hunt at the country’s largest falcon festival in the Northern Borders region, and learn all about the bird that plays a special part in Saudi culture. 

 Thoroughbred racing and “Miss Camel”

Camels and thoroughbred horses have a central place in Saudis’ hearts. Premier events are staged at the Janadriyah Festival and King Abdul Aziz Camel Competition, often known as ‘Miss Camel.


With mountains running along the Red Sea Coast and the Tuwaiq Mountains bisecting the Nejd plateau, Saudi Arabia can offer excitement and exploration to keen mountaineers, with the most popular mountain destinations located in Baha, Asir, Jazan and Taif.​ 


Saudi Arabia is criss-crossed with trails that blend history and nature, including old caravan routes and pilgrimage roads such as the famous Zubaida Trail. Visitors could also follow the Prophet’s migration route from Makkah to Medina, traverse the rugged Baha and Asir, or experience the traditional Bedouin way of life in the desert.​

 Marine sports

Saudi Arabia boasts a coastline of more than 3,400 km on the Red Sea to the west, and the Arabian Gulf to the east. Thousands of islands line these shores, most notably the coral archipelago of the Farasan Islands in the south, now a protected maritime park, which offers some of the most unspoiled diving in the world. Whether it’s watersports, fishing or diving, the Kingdom’s coasts and islands have got everything you need for a spectacular, active holiday.


 Air sports

Visitors can enjoy Saudi Arabia’s mountains, deserts and beaches from above on a private jet charter, or flying lesson, go parachuting or marvel at the aerobatic displays of the famous Saudi Green Hawks. For those that like to keep their feet on the ground, how about taking to the sky virtually by drone?

 Car racing

Petrol heads are well catered for with kart circuits, ‘drifting’ sites and rally courses throughout the country, the most famous of which is the Ha'il International Rally. 



Saudi Arabia is great for motorcycling, with the local Harley-Davidson clubs very active in organizing rallies and tours. There are several motorcycle clubs in the Kingdom, particularly in Riyadh and the Eastern Region, which organize events throughout the year.


 Sports lovers

A range of modern sports stadiums across the Kingdom cater for a range of competitive sports, with regular domestic and international fixtures. Among the most active are Al Jawhara Stadium ​in Jeddah, King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh, King Abdullah Sports City and Dirab Golf Club.​

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