• A private Museum Owoned Aby Mr. Khalid bin Homoud Al-matrod, The Museum Contains many artifacts and traditional tools such as the old house tools , weapons, and some old clothes, It was built more than 70 years ago and represents the typical traditional design of old Hail homes.
    • Qadim Al Taalim Museum in Riyadh is dedicated to the history of education in Saudi Arabia with 3,000 artefacts including curriculums, models of school buildings, old desks, student bags, rare documents, and art and sport equipment.​
    • This three-story museum in the Eastern Province displays a variety of antiquities, most notably copies of the Quran written by famous writers such as ibn Al Bawab and Hafez Othman, as well as jewelry, heritage doors, and rare antiquities from the Pharaonic, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.
    • The National Museum is a tourist hotspot in Riyadh given its magnificent interior design and superb outer square. Its structure combines both traditional Saudi style and modern architecture as per the latest international museums standards ...
    • Visitors can learn about Al Baha heritage at Mohamed bin Musbeh museum, which displays antiquities including coins, jewelry, weapons, old telephones, clothes, agricultural tools, cooking utensils, old doors and hand mills.
    • Housed in a recently restored building in the King Abdulaziz Historical District in Riyadh, the museum consists of living room, courtyard water well; kitchen and majlis. Visitor can try traditional dress and take photos anywhere inside the building.
    • Al Ahsa Museum details the Province's rich history with collections of 1400 antiquities, Islamic currencies, manuscripts, and pictures organized across several galleries, labs, video installations and a library.
    • Al Jahl museum in Asir consists of three halls displaying 14,000 artefacts, including jewelry, weapons, coins and tools. There is also a gallery devoted to local artist Fatima Al Assi.
    • Al Ghat Museum is housed in the former palace of Prince Nasser bin Saad Al Sudairy with 50 rooms describing Al Ghat society and customs, and history from the prehistoric periods right up to the formation of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • One of the oldest private museums in Al Baha, the museum is located in Al Atawlah village. It contains a collection agricultural tools, rare coins, traditional clothes and handicrafts, weapons and cooking utensils. ​
    • The museum highlights the cultural and historical aspects of the Two Holy Mosques and is managed by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques...
    • Located in Hejaz Railway Station, Al-Anbariyah Museum has 21 galleries containing artefacts related to the Ottoman Hejaz railway, visual displays and old pictures.
    • Located in Al Jouf region, the museum displays a collection of gems, copper utensils, antique doors and window, costume, jewelry, livestock implements, weapons, agricultural and household utensils.
    • It is not just a tourist attraction in Riyadh; it documents an important phase that starts from the unification of the Kingdom by its founder King Abduaziz Al Saud. It consists of five main sections: gate, mosque, well, towers and courtyard and includes the museum of Saudi unification.
    • Explore the amazing life of the old generation through 10,000 original pieces that take you back in time. The museum includes food, drinks and video games to provide a wonderful memory for everyone.
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