Souk Okaz

​Souk Okaz has become a unique tourism attraction in Saudi Arabia as well as a key contributor to tourism. This is attributed to the fact that the Souk is located at the very site of the historic Souk Okaz. Numerous tourists visit to experience the Souk as an ancient tourism attraction, with the authenticity of the past and the allure of the present. Visitors experience a contrast fusing modern technology provided at the festival’s venue, and the historic significance of the topography, which was determined after examination of available antiquities. Mountains and valleys surround it were determined according to diligently studied documents in order to accurately and efficiently define the exact site of the souk. 

The significance of Souk Okaz lies in it being a hotspot for poetry, art, and history; a destination for the well-cultured people and those fascinated with literature and culture, appreciating the cognitive and cultural value offered by the souk via seminars, lectures and events in the Souk.  Souk Okaz revives the glories and authentic heritage of Arabs, and also displays the poems maintained in the Diwan, as it offers celebrations and honours a poet, further emphasizing the relativity of heritage to the present. 

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