Najran City
    • Najran is a city filled with incredible examples of archeology, history and civilization, providing the visitor with an endless diversity of attractions and activities. The expansive landscapes and sand dune formations in the nearby Empty Quarter are amazing to view. Nnatural reserves, parks and recreational cities provide plenty of things to do and places to visit. Najran is truly the land of nature, history, heritage and biodiversity!


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    We all Love Heritage Festival, Najran
    Aiming to consolidate the region's culture for the next generations and for visitors, the festival includes heritage exhibitions, folk arts, programs for families and kids, Najran folk arts, and exhibitions for craftsmen to market their products and create investment opportunities.


The Najran Museum highlights the history, culture and heritage of the region through its holdings that reflect different historical periods for more than a million-and-a-half years until the present time. The museum is located next to the archaeological city of Okhdood, which is rich with historical and heritage evidences and is considered one of the most important natural museums in Saudi Arabia.



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