Jazan City
    • The glistening sea, unique islands, majestic mountains and vast plains make Jazan a diverse and memorable place to visit. Additionally, its forests, lakes, and waterfalls offer picturesque settings for visitors to relax and enjoy nature.

 Attraction Sites

​Jazan is a place of diversity with many excellent destinations for visitors to enjoy. If you are looking for summer fun, head to Fifa Mountains, which are covered with breathtaking greenery and colorful fragrant flowers.




Museum highlights the culture and historical heritage of Jazan. It includes a presentation hall for museum exhibits, a laboratory for surveys and drawing

 Tourism Tours

​Known as the Pearl of the South, Jazan is also distinguished by the generosity and hospitality of its people, who will welcome you to enjoy their city, their culture and the beauty of Jazan and its surrounding areas.

    The Most beautiful Three Days in Jazan
    Discover Jazan’s splendor in a three-day short vacation, during which you can visit the most important places and historical heritage locations.


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