Ha'il City
    • Don’t miss the chance to visit the city of Ha’il, where you will discover an ancient civilization that still lives on through the city’s antiquities, heritage, culture and the ancient Arab traditions of the locals. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the vibrant atmosphere and the enthusiast appreciation by locals for exploring the deserts and valleys when the weather is cool. Other outdoor activities include mountain climbing, bird hunting, and even rally racing! Great adventures await you in Ha’il!

 Attraction Sites

​​When visiting Ha’il you can travel through the countryside in 4x4s, mountain climb in Nafud Al Kabir, or head west of the city to explore the mountaintops of Aja, where you will find a maze of rugged granite peaks.


    Ha’il International Rally
    Hail International Rally is one of the most prominent global sporting events held in Saudi Arabia, enjoying international participation and coverage. The desert race for 4X4s is held each spring in the Great Nafud Desert, north of Hail.
    Hail Desert Festival
    Hail Desert Festival celebrates traditional Bedouin life through various heritage, cultural, sport and recreational events. The festival includes a variety of events that depict Bedouin life including theatrical performances, crafts demonstrations and traditional desert food.


Archaeological museums have multiplied in Ha’il over the past few years. This is in an attempt to preserve the cultural heritage that has evolved over the ages and to enrich the region’s museums with ancient artifacts and historical collections.


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