Buraidah City
    • Buraidah is a beautiful city and you will be amazed with its diversity, history and culture. While in Buraidah, make sure to visit Hasat Antarah, the date city and the Buraidah Museum to see the marvelous collection of historical artifacts.

 Shopping centers

​We are proud to invite you to visit our luxurious shopping centers that offer you the most beautiful, unique, and creative global brand names in exquisitely designed commercial complexes, equipped with modern services and amenities to meet all your needs and that essentially facilitate a wonderful shopping experience.​​


Pieces of Buraidah heritage have been well-preserved and collections of artifacts are on exhibit in this museum.

 Tourism Tours

​To the south of Buraidah is Al-Sibaq, where old farms are distinguished for their palm trees and various crops.

    Trail of Buraydah
    Explore Buraydah, the capital of Al-Qassim, and see its rich agricultural industry and enjoy the produce of its labor such as dates and ...


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