Sand dunes riding (Tet’ees)

Driving your car over the sand dunes is an exciting adventure! Locally, this sport is called Tet’ees, and a number of local clubs support this sport and work to make this activity fun and exciting for the fans.

Driving on the dunes in Saudi Arabia follows international standards and combines excitement, fun, speed, and a degree of risk. In this sport, 4X4 vehicles compete with pickup trucks and all-terrain vehicles on mountainous dunes or in the vast expanse of sands to test endurance and speed. The challenge is to accomplish this on mountains of fine sand without sinking the car.

This sport involves the challenges of driving in rugged areas. It also features a variety of sports events for both 6- and 8-cylinder motorcycles, as well as ATVs. The expertise of the competitors varies as well.

Some are synchronized sports competitions, and some are temporary sports. A variety of competitions are organized in many parts of the Kingdom, such as Ha’il and Al Qassim, and competitors have the opportunity to test themselves in many ways other than just their driving skills, although that is the main objective of the competition.

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