Aseer Mountain Adventure

Nothing is more exciting than the adventures in the Aseer region, which sits on the highest peak in the Kingdom at an altitude of some 3,125 meters near Al Abha, the administrative center of the region.

Entertainment possibilities in Aseer are incomparable. Its nature and the mountains provide rare opportunities for a variety of sporting activities, such as paragliding (to be done under the supervision of a professional), parachuting, rock-climbing and mountain climbing. The conditions are also ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

The environmental diversity in the Aseer region offers integrated tourism activities that will enable you to plan tours that suit your desires and experience, be it at the beaches, mountains, or the desert.

You can relax, hike or meditate in the desert; ride your bike around Al Souda Mountain; climb the rocks in Al Halabah; ride camels; or enjoy the hot-air balloons in Tathleeth.

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