Al-Baha and Shada mountains for climbing enthusiasts

The towering mountains in Al-Baha provide beauty, fun, and challenge for mountain lovers. These mountains feature different environments that suit all sporting activities, including walking and hiking long distances, mountain climbing and mountain biking, all in a spectacular mountain environment with a scenic landscape.

Shada Mountain is the highest summit in Makhwah, and its soaring peak protects several villages. It features rare, rocky formations that attract amateur climbers of various levels, although several of its sites are only suitable for picnicking and camping. If you go to the summit, make sure to spend time enjoying the picturesque view of the surrounding scenery, or savor a leisurely cup of coffee made from locally grown beans. In addition, a road will take you to the top for easy access to the summit. At the foot of the mountain, there are interesting monument carvings. The area is a nature reserve, which requires you to bring everything you need (including water), since all facilities and services are only available in the nearby town of Qalwah, which is 15 kilometers away.

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