Qatif Trip

Saihat Corniche, in the east coast city of Saihat, offers sea views dotted with beautiful Flamingos. Traditional boats float along nearby Qatif Fish Port, an area steeped in history.  The city’s Thursday market is one of the most traditional in the Eastern Region. Shopping malls are dotted along the banks of the Gulf and a trip to Darin Island , one of the longest islands in the Persian Gulf, filled with traditional houses and  a fishing port considered one of the world's oldest seaports, dating back more than 5,000 years. Tarout Castle dates back to the Phoenician age, and the old village on the island offers a fascinating insight into the past. The local fish market offers the chance to sample some local treats and nearby restaurants will allow you to grill any fish you buy at the market. A visit to Qatif Oasis offers much archeological evidence and beautiful agricultural areas to explore and enjoy, along with rural rest houses to stay in. 

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