An Unforgettable Trip to Haql
Your trip starts at the Northern Corniche with its wonderful view on the Gulf of Aqaba. From there, go to the Palm Garden and Prince Fahd bin Sultan Park in Al Shate'e District. It has a charming sea view and contains water canals, green spaces, footpaths, and a section for youth and families. After that, head for King Abdul-Aziz historical castle in the Old District and the beaches of Al Sahban and Om Anam which are distinguished with their quietness, beauty, warm water, fresh air and tourist resorts, in addition to swimming areas for youth. Then, head for Al Mattal Al Janoubi and the beaches of Al Wasl, Al Shuraih and Bi'r Al Mashi. In the second day, continue your trip to the famous Lawz Mountain, covered with snow in winter in such a magnificent view. After that, go to Al Zeitah, which is famous for its hills and red sand dunes covered with snow. Then your trip ends in Alaqan region with its unique rock formations and wonderful view.​
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