A Trip to Farasan Islands
Enjoy a trip rich with history and natural sites when you visit Farasan Islands in Jizan. They combine charming beaches, coasts, Mangrove forests, historical buildings, diving spots and sea sports. 
The trip starts from Al Qassar Village, which is a summer resort for Farasan people and the largest palm oasis in Farasan, then to Al Rifai House that will amaze you with its ornaments and wooden ceilings. The trip continues to Al Najdi Mosque, which is distinguished with its beautiful Islamic inscriptions and ornaments; and to the Ottoman Castle, which is strategically located on most of the Island's coasts. After that, go to the sea to enjoy the wonderful waves in Al Ghadeer Beach, the most beautiful beach in the Island with its white sands, and do your favorite water sports. Then go to the historical German House. And from Al Muharraq Village, you can head for 'Abra Coast and Hasis Gulf, where the Parrotfish Festival is held, in which Farasan people gather to show how much they love and respect their traditions. After that, you can visit Gendal Forest to watch the natural picture drawn by the Mangrove trees, infiltrated by paths and water canals that add to the charm and beauty of the region. From Gendal Forest, you can go to Ras al Qarn Beach, the best place for swimming in the Island due to its crystal clear water and white soft sand. The trip ends in Al Faqua Beach where you will fish with trawls and enjoy the fascinating scenery. There are a number of chalets, a restaurant, and seating.  ​

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