Nothing Like Saudi

    • Breeding Arabian horses represents most regions of the Kingdom, and horse stables are spread wherever you go in the Kingdom. Ha’il, for example, is famous internationally for breeding the best Arabian horses. It has 15 horse ranches, which produce exceptional horses that are sold throughout the Kingdom and around the world.
      Arabian horses
    • Falcon breeding is a popular hobby in the Northern Borders Province of Saudi Arabia. Generations consider this old sport as a lesson in patience and control. Hawks and Saluki dogs were used in the past in hunting to provide a source of food to the population of the desert. Then it became a hobby and sport, which has many fans today.
      Falcon Festival
    • Camel racing is fun and has a long Arabian history. This event features camels competing to get to the finish line, surrounded by sounds of cheers, car engines, and shouts of the camels’ names.
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