Falcon Festival
​Falcon breeding is a popular hobby in the Northern Borders Province of Saudi Arabia. Generations consider this old sport as a lesson in patience and control. Hawks and Saluki dogs were used in the past in hunting to provide a source of food to the population of the desert. Then it became a hobby and sport, which has many fans today.

Falcons arrive into the kingdom during migration in the winter months. The traps are set, the birds are caught, and then they are trained in hunting. At the end of the season hawks are usually released again into nature, if there are no hunting opportunities in the hot summer.

The falcon has long thin wings, which move toward its back when it flies for quick movement and speed. It has a sleek body, a round head and a long slender tail. Most hawks have distinctive forms on their faces, like the cheeks of Alausag. Alausag is one of falcon types which name ( The Common Kestel ) . The female falcon is bigger and stronger than the male.

Falcons can see the movement of their victim from a distance of more than a mile. On approach, it wraps its claws on its prey, like thin daggers, making it almost impossible to escape. Their sizes ranges between 38 - 48 centimeters long and they can live for up to 15 years or more​

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